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Director of Evangelism/Missions Report 2015

I am grateful for the partnership of the churches in Catalina Baptist Association. Through this partnership the association is able to help resource these new church plants and church planters.

  • Puente de Vida – Vance Wood
  • Lifework – Gary Monroe
  • Authentic Life – Jeff Vanderford
  • Genuine Church – Tim Coffey
  • Tucson Arabic – Aman Hamid
  • Marcos Campos – Iglesia Bautista Horeb
  • Redemption – Jim Minnick
  • Gates Pass Community – Ron Marlin
  • First Nepali – Triston Dyer
  • Church Planter Intern – Luke Safford

Assisting churches with evangelistic events is another vital part of the association’s resourcing. A number of churches have taken advantage of the ministry trailers – plus additional funds that are available through the association and Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. An example of events that have been resourced are:

  • Block parties
  • VBS
  • Easter egg hunts
  • Trunk or Treats
  • A city wide party in San Manuel

The third priority of the association is in the area of church health. This area of our association works covers various kinds of needs. Each year the Pastor’s Breakfast is subsidized to help offset the costs to the pastors that are attending and also to First Southern that hosts our breakfasts. Early in the year we had a dialogue for pastors in the area of being “Stuck” in the ministry settings.  A number of books and other resources have been purchased to be shared with pastors and staff.

At the end of this year I am transitioning out of the Church Planting Catalyst role with the North American Mission Board and will be concentrating on leading this association and Green Valley Baptist Church.

Thank you so much for your partnership – we can do so much more working together than doing it alone. Each church is vital to this association – no matter how large or small.



CBA 69th Annual Meeting

A big thank you to First Southern Baptist Church for hosting our 2015 Annual Meeting!


Arizona Woman’s Missionary Union (AZ WMU) needs you!

Does your church have any WMU age-graded organizations?

If you would send Nadine Peterson a contact for your leader, she will send her a free book from New Hope Digital publishers.

WMU wants this information to involve your church in the mission of reaching Arizona with the gospel. They have resources for all ages from preschool through adults – and for all men, women, boys and girls as well as all youth. We want to help resource new church plants and support all churches in missional lifestyle living.

Contact Nadine at or 480-206-7314

Or or 480-244-8535

AZ WMU – 2814 S. Las Palmas Cir. Mesa, AZ 85202

Church Planting

Why do we need to plant churches?  In an article for the November issue of Portraits magazine, Church Planting Catalyst Ben Barfield explains:

Visiting the NAMB website, you will learn the church-to-population ratio peaked in the U.S. right after World War II. In those “good old days,” the ratio was one church for every 430 people. Things sure have changed, because today the church-to-population ratio in the U.S. is one church for every 6,194 people… While the church-to-population ratio in the U.S. is staggering, believe it or not, our statistics here in Arizona are even more overwhelming. In Arizona, there is one church for every 15,744 people. Around 6 million people in our state do not have a relationship with Christ. I hope this breaks your heart.While our existing churches require even more diligence in carrying the gospel to our communities, the simple fact is … we need more churches.

You can read the full article HERE.