Does your church have a project that needs funding? The Catalina Baptist Association can, from time to time, help you find financial resources. There are a few guidelines to follow when requesting help:

  • Plan as far ahead as possible. The more lead time you give us, the better your chances for funding will be.
  • Be honest, is this something your church can afford on its own? If so, please allow someone else to access the funds. These funds are limited.
  • Be ready to provide a budget for your project. The people that provide the money have guidelines as well and a budget helps them to know how the money will be spent.
  • Give credit where credit is due. Whether the Association, the Arizona SBC, NAMB or some other group provides a grant, give them credit.
  • Maintain a cooperative spirit. Continue to give to the Association and to the Cooperative Program. That is where most of the money will come from. Even if you do not need a grant, others in your association do.
  • Fill out the follow-up forms quickly and accurately. Many organizations that give grants, also need to report how the money was spent. Please help them do so.
  • You can request funds from the Arizona SBC by going through the Association. You can initiate the process by using the form below. Be sure to fill out the entire form. The better the information, the smoother the process.

This form is for member churches and related ministries of Catalina Baptist Association only.   We may contact you for additional information. Although it is the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention’s form, it requires CBA Director of Missions approval. Please complete and submit to the Association at Grants sent directly to the state convention are not valid.

GRANT FORM (Word Document)


If you have questions or concerns about the form or the grant process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Office: (520) 745-1011