Ministry Trailers

The Block Party and Sports Camp trailers exist to help facilitate and enhance church outreach events.  These resources are available to member churches of Catalina Baptist Association. We have also recently acquired a dunk tank courtesy of Oracle Baptist Church, and an empty utility trailer.

What are ministry trailers?

Ministry trailers are evangelistic tools provided by the Catalina Baptist Association with funds made available through our churches, the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention and the North American Mission Board. The trailers contain many tools and resources that can be used to reach our communities for Christ. In addition to the trailers and their contents, our director of missions or other trained persons are available to help facilitate effective evangelistic events. Churches of the Catalina Baptist Association can use these trailers for the purpose of evangelism.

What is required?

There is a $50 non-refundable fee per use of each trailer, due at the time of pick-up.  This fee helps defray the ongoing cost of repairs and maintenance of the trailers and equipment.

You will need to watch both training videos and sign the agreement before we will release the trailer.

Training Video #1

Training Video #2

Trailer Use Agreement

Trailer Availability

Before submitting a reservation request, please check availability on the calendar below. The Block Party trailer reservations are shown in BLUE, Sports Camp trailer reservations in YELLOW.

For a list of trailer contents, please email us.